After the establishment of the POWER SZERVIZ KFT. Its activities mainly with the repair and maintenance of Jenbacher gas engines started.
Later in the course of the years, for both the professionals as well as engine manufacturers such as GUASCOR, CATERPILLAR, MWMDEUTZ, and YOU have been extended

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Technical Equipment, Skills

The Power Szerviz Kft. Has the necessary equipment for the inspection and repairs of all gas engine types.
We have several service points for the operation of gas engines in Hungary. (Budapest, Gyöngyos, Kiskunhalas)
Our company employs over 20 engineers and service technicians.
Our company operates a remote monitoring system of its own development, which allows the current operating status of the plants to be monitored, via the display of the operating parameters and the error messages, etc., via the Internet, both for the service personnel as well as for the owner
Our activities are constantly being expanded in the European countries. We are currently active in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Romania and Slovakia.


We have all necessary means of material movement (e.g., pumps), hand tools, special tools, and diagnostic gauges (flue gas analyzer, compressor, oscilloscope, endoscope, pressure gauges, etc.) to carry out maintenance work.
For small, medium and large-scale repairs, we have the necessary equipment for the material movement (manual and machine lifting devices, auxiliary scaffolding, etc.), torque wrenches and special tools for disassembly and professional assembly.

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Our company has all technical descriptions of the gas engines of Waukesha, Guascor, Jenbacher and Deutz MWM as well as the generators of Leroy-Somer and Stamford, which contain the necessary maintenance, installation and operating tolerances, torques and assembly instructions.

The current staff of the company

Service technician” 20 Per
Mechanical engineer, Electrical engineer 5 Per
Administrative staff 5 Per
Total 30 Per