We take over overhauls or procure new ones:Turbocharger manufacturer ABB, PBS, KBB and KKK

  • scheduled service: compilation of service packs depending on the engine type, e.g. the 2,000 hours service pack for the JMS 312 GS.BL biogas engine, including all necessary consumable parts (oil filters, air filters, spark plug washers, etc.)
  • overhaul parts: cylinder heads, pistons, cylinder liners, bearings, sealants, etc. – depending on the engine type
  • resale of supplementary devices
    • container manufacturing: outdoor and indoor design, according to specific customer needs
    • heat exchangers: design, dimensioning, installation (water to water heat exchangers, and flue gas heat exchangers)
    • We take over overhauls or procure new ones: Turbocharger manufacturer ABB, PBS, KBB and KKK
    • flue gas systems, flue gas boxes: design, dimensioning, installation, insulation
    • emergency cooler: design, dimensioning, installation
    • renovation, resale of intercoolers
    • ignition systems: spark plugs, ignition transformers, ignition rails, knock sensors, ignition cables and relays (pick-ups)
    • engine controllers, PLCs, control engineering, measuring technology
    • Heinzmann actuators, drive motors