Our Company is ready to undertake the design, manufacturing and installation of gas engine small power plants from 1 kWe to 20 Mwe, with the main options listed below:

  • outdoor container design
  • indoor low noise design
  • installation into a dedicated engine house
  • complete licensing and authorisation procedure
  • typical engine types:
    • Honda, Toyota from 1 to 20 kWe
    • MAN, Liebherr, MTU, Guascor from 20 to 500 kWe
    • Guascor, MTU, GE Jenbacher, Deutz-MWM, Caterpillar from 330 kWe
  • Trigeneration systems: combined production supplemented with absorption cooler
  • Typical fuels:
    • piped natural gas
    • agricultural biogas
    • biogas produced at wastewater treatment plants
    • landfill gas (biogas produced at landfills)
    • wood gas
    • pyrogas (synthetic gases produced during the breakdown of hydrocarbons)
    • associated gas at thermal wells
    • associated gas at oil wells
We are ready to implement specific energy solutions different from the foregoing for specific needs.
gázmotor 1
gázmotor 2