Our aim is to implement comprehensive energy services. Besides gas engine power plants, we are also active in exploiting renewable energy resources upon specific request or as a single tenderer.

Mankind has a fundamental need for energy supply, which constitutes a serious challenge to energy experts. Energy development does not only require the production of ever more energy, but the racionalisation of consumption and frugality as well, in order to preserve the living environment.

Electricity might be the only resource that every enterprise and individual needs. Due to its indispensability, all of its users are sensitive to its purchase price. Environmentally friendly and economical solutions are to be applied for the production of electric thermal and cold energy. Switching over to these technologies may not be postponed for long.

Komplex energetikai megoldások

The evolution of the energy market and relevant legal requirements triggered the quest for renewable energy and the creation of sites which utilise such energy in the most efficient way while minimising the load on the environment as far as possible. In the recent years, design and implementation of power plant investments aiming at the utilisation of the so-called green energy have globally become an appreciated field.

Power Szerviz Ltd. is not only ready to undertake the design and operation of energy producing technologies, but is also active in order to achieve a more efficient exploitation of the potential within alternative energy resources.

Having investigated the energy consumption habits of European SMEs, we concluded that the complex and joint use of renewable energy resources provides a significant potential to increase efficiency. Our aim is to familiarise SMEs with these complex energy solutions and to assist them in their application.